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It is a Game!

Return All Robots! is an action-puzzle game released by Space Whale Studios in November 2010 for PC and the XBox 360. There are blue robots that you need to guide into a teleporter. They'll always move towards you (as best they can), when you call them. Watch out, though, because there are dangers in the world that you have to keep the blue robots away from! There are also dastardly red robots that behave like blue robots, but cause havok if they get their hands on a blue robot, a teleporter, or even you!

It has some features!

  • Over 40 levels of robotic mayhem!
  • A Booptastic soundtrack by the interminable Zircon!
  • More art styles than one game should ever use!
  • Dated references!

You can't buy it!

Now the game is available again at the low cost of FREE!

You CAN buy the Soundtrack!

The Soundtrack by zircon has over one-hour of 80s synth bliss! Follow the composer at @zirconST! Get the soundtrack on Bandcamp!

Other humans have played it!

Check out what the reviewers are saying! (or, really, said, since it launched in 2010)

It's Free! Download it! Live it! Love it!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorSpace Whale
Tagsice, lab, remote, return, Robots, science, scientist, turtle


ReturnAllRobots.zip 95 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file.

Double-click Installer.exe

You may get a warning that the app didn't install correctly. Ignore that warning.